An Imterview With Dhananjay Wagh

One fine day from one village 2 twin's brother and sister mohan and sonam who love each other very much. They both left their home and went out with their some friends who must be around 10 years old. Sonu is very silent, wise and loves her brother very much and never ignore his instructions. And Monu brother of Sonu who is very Stubborn and Angry boy who is always interested in fighting an all he is not at all having interest in studies and by following his order Monu left her home with him, Suraj and Ella and with many of his friends they rich at one spiritual place, over there they see something amazing and they do exploration of one temple which was sepulcher under the land by many years. Over their Sonu and Monu gets the super power from the hidden yore objects. After knowing about it the underworld king Daityaraj give all his bad power the 25 years Raghav.

The underworld king tells him to find out that for whom the Lord Vishnu has given the super power and how much powerfull that person is. For finding out the powerfull person Raghav starts increasing the crime in Mumbai city and because of increasing crimes Sonu and Monu comes in front of the world like a super hero to help people of Mumbai city. Then Lord Vishnu sends the Naradmuni in different face with name Guru to help Sonu and Monu. Guru makes them believe of their powers and teaches them how to utilize their powers. All together by becoming super 3 they try to decrease and control the crimes in the city as soon as the Raghav comes to know about it he starts fight between him and super 3. In that fight in front of Sonu and Monu theirs one up the spout and in which not only they both have to give exam but even Guru also has to give exam.

After all what up the spout seen in their live. Raghav keeps before them?

How Super 3 fit?

Do Raghav gain the success in getting the super power of Lord Vishnu?

You will get the answer of these Questions in super power 3 serial. So to know the answers of this question you have to watch this serial.

With this only both loving brother and sister leave out with their friends Suraj and Ella and by these they come to know the bizarre world of which they have never imagine or After all what up the spout seen in their live.


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DHIMANT VYAS Star of Animation World

Animation Industry is the industry which is very popular. There are many Cartoon Serials and movies that are upcoming now –a-days. There are many movies and serials which are very popular.

People off all ages are very eager and crazy to see something new happening in the field of animation films and cartoon shows. There are many artists and film designers around us who are very talented and have achieved success in this industry...


Hollywood's animation community has entered its post-Pixar era, creating fresh opportunities for everybody else, including the animation community in India.

Pixaris no longer the scruffy, fun-loving studio it was a lifetime ago, back in 1995 when “Toy Story” was released.


Stereoscopy, or stereoscopic imagery, uses the characteristics of human binocular vision to create the illusion of depth, making objects appear to be in front of or behind the cinema screen.

The Business Cases
It is clear that S3D productions have a strong
potential to generate revenue and invigorate the box