A Word with Obaid Ansari Storyboard and Comic illistrator Artist

We recently caught up with gods gifted Indian comic illustrator artist to know more about his experience, work, talent and interest who is working all around :

Hello Obaid ! Welcome to animation today?

Thank you so much. it is my pleasure to meet you guys. I read Animation today regularly, it's a nice magazine for animators and illustrators to get updated with the animation industry and new techniques in the field. I got to know so many things from this magazine.

You guys are doing fantastic work. It's a necessity now because animation, film making and graphic novel industry is taking shapes and we should be informed with new revolutions and techniques of work. Every day something is new, so this kind of magazine is the only medium to make us updated.

Great! So let us know how you got inspired to this world of sketch & illustration? 

Since I had no artistic background but at the age of 3 I started scribbling on slate and walls of my home, my father was the first inspiration for me he always encourage me to draw he was my first fan. At the time of primary school I found a single page of a comic now I don't remember from which comic it was, it was nicely done and was having so attractive colours I took that paper sat looking at for hours. The most interesting part was the faces, I keep wondering how they make the same faces every time, in every panel, how it is possible!! Obviously that time there was no Photoshop and it was done manually. It was the only art format to me that time, then I realize that comics are easily available on book stalls depos etc; I started reading comic, as my father always used to encourage me I decided to become a comic illustrator. Soon I became fan of some comic character I started collecting the comic book.

That time there were digital medium to make comic but there were so many varieties in the illustration, not like now a days where everybody shifted to digital illustration, artists of that era used to work with water colour poster colour etc., I started copying cover pages of comics with water colour and poster colour I found it was so joyful, I was very inspired by Pratap Mulick that time. He used to work with water colour. I can say that he was the second main inspiration to me in the world of art, I liked his colour selection since then I wanted to become an illustrator.

So finally what make a good sketch Artist?

You need to practice every day, if you skip one day you will go 4 days behind, if you are sketching something, you need to observe it very carefully otherwise you won't be able to make it.

Apart from this you should carry a sketch book every time with you wherever you go, make quick live sketches as much as possible, in the train, at the bus stop, in the market, for me an artist should know everything about anatomy more than a doctor so he can draw human figures easily, he should know the architectures more than an architect because he will have to draw different types of structures, buildings etc., of different era, he should study designs and fundamentals of machinery more than an engineer so if he is doing some illustration he will know how to make it.

"An artist should be a mixture of all different fields' experts. Because a doctor only needs to know about anatomy, an engineer needs to know only about machinery but an artist need to know about all . And most important he should practise constantly."

Tell us about your studio?

Division 91 studios, it is located at lokhandwala, we work for movie based comics and toryboarding for both feature films and TV commercial. Had one lots of projects for Yomics which is a division of Yashraj film. We have also done some none movie graphic novels.

Had done storyboard for various movies like Don2, ek tha tiger, ek thi dayan, Drona, gaayab, Mumbai meri jaan, mujhse shadi karogi, matru ki bijli ka mandola, done layouts and storyboars for animated movies like Arjuna, road side romeo, illustration in the title hanuman the first animated movie in India.

Being a small studio, what is the hardship faced?

It is not a matter of small studio or big studio, it's a creative field a small but organized team of good artists does better and faster than a really big studio, actually the big studio faces lots of problems and hardship. you may know so many big studios are getting shut time by time, because they have to manage lots of things. I won't go in the detail but I can guaranty a small studio can give a quality work.

If we were an animation studio then we would have required a big studio. For comic and storyboarding studio things are different.

What next can we look forward to your studio?

Well , apart from comics, we are working on some in house project which we are planning to launch soon. These very dear to us and very close to our heart, Actually we had decided long back but till now we were looking for some unique style which can fit on the concept but we had lots of projects in hand so it got pending but finally we have formed a team for in house projects which will look after it.

We have some really fantastic concepts on floor now. We will announce it soon.

And you have worked for an Hollywood film!!!?

Yes, have done title designing for a movie called “sick house”. Have also done some storyboarding for TV commercial for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bangkok also.

Now tell us about your short film & production house?

Like I told you before we have a team of illustrator, colour artist and concept designer a video team who handle vfx and editing.
We always fix a team for every project so can manage 3 to 4 project at a time. Because we get various projects like concept design, storyboarding, movie posters, comic illustrations, logos design etc.

Now what is your professional role today and how you look forward to be known in this industry?

I look for various projects like illustration, storyboarding etc.,

In India this field is still growing as this is very different from animation (there is lots of competition in animation field and require a huge team) so storyboarding and comic illustration has a bright future, only problem we are facing that there is lack of storyboard. so there is always requirement for some good storyboard but only problem with storyboard is we can't get sufficient time to make it properly everyone needs the board to done as soon as possible, nobody wants to give you time. Actually I think client think storyboard is very simple job this is the reason so many artist don't want to do storyboard and for beginners or struggler it is a biggest thing to become a storyboard artist. I have seen on some animation institute banners that after some years there will be a requirement for around lacs of animators in India, I am not sure with that but for comic illustration and storyboarding I can say there will be defiantly requirement in thousands.

Any advice for readers who wish to make it big in this industry?

Yes , off course I want to say, now a days I see so many students taking animation field for their career because they didn't get enough marks to choose some specific field, they have heard that after doing a simple 1 or 2 years course you will be able to do animation or illustration.

Animation is not an easy task, first of all you should have an artistic sense if you are able to draw then you can be a good animator, modeler etc., because animation is the second step of drawing and for storyboarding you should have both sketching and photographic sense, commercial art or at least a basic foundation course of art is must to understand the composition, negative positive, warm color cool colour application and fundamental of drawing otherwise you will have to struggle for each and every thing.



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