About Us

The flagship.
           Animation Today is the work and effort of Sankranti Creations, a company established in 2004 by a young entrepreneur Uttara Dwivedi. The company deals majorly in colorization of films in 2K and DVD format. The other areas of work include animation, special effects, work in light and color, software development and gaming technology. 

The captains. 
           Sankranti Creations is headed by Rajeev Dwivedi, a dynamic individual with a successful background in software development. Being an ex-CDACite, his development of the software for colorization of movies was well applauded with praise and appreciation for presenting the all time favorite, 'Mughal-E-Azam' in various hues bringing out the splendor of the movie in it's truest form. He brings his 15 years of Journalistic experience with great names in the print media and having been the Head - Operations for various projects in India & Overseas. Currently involved in Animation Research and having a background in Journalism & management, he has undertaken the responsibility to steer the path towards success for Animation Today. Dr Anuj Saxena, a multi facet personality, brings out the majors in the industry through his vast experience of corporate world. 

The ocean. 
           Animation Today has set sail in an ocean, which is yet to be fathomed to its proper depths. The course yet uncharted is in an industry with great potential, which is yet to be tapped. The animation and computer graphics industry in India though still in it's nascent stage, is growing and is expected to achieve great heights in the near future. With not just the Indians but even studios abroad taking note of the potential and talent here, the future seems not just bright but blazing. And finally the ship itself Animation Today. 

           The magazine has been conceived and presented keeping in mind the need of the industry. It is the only English magazine in the field in Asia. Aimed at catering to the needs of the professional animators, students and anyone generally interested in the field of animation and computer graphics it will be on the stands each month. 

           Through the print media, Animation Today aims to bridge the gap between international production houses, the most competent animation studios and professionals in the field. With a major distributor like India Book House backing us, we hope to cast our influence over a vast clientele and achieve a competent circulation within a short span of time after setting foot on the arena. 

           In order to make our presence felt, and establish our credentials further on the world platform, we would make it a point to participate in all major international events related to animation and computer graphics, including MIFA, France, SIGGRAPH, U.S.A, Asia Animation, Singapore and MIPCOM, Cannes. Our issues would also be catering to major studios, talents, professionals, events and other such related aspects, providing an enterprising and enthusiastic platform, to bring out and bring up the best. 

           Every new step leads further on the scale of success and everyone at Animation Today believing in the same give our maximum to put out our best step forward always. 

            We strive to keep Animation Today an ever available, knowledgeable and easily reachable magazine, lighting the way to the world of animation and computer graphics.


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DHIMANT VYAS Star of Animation World

Animation Industry is the industry which is very popular. There are many Cartoon Serials and movies that are upcoming now –a-days. There are many movies and serials which are very popular.

People off all ages are very eager and crazy to see something new happening in the field of animation films and cartoon shows. There are many artists and film designers around us who are very talented and have achieved success in this industry...


Hollywood's animation community has entered its post-Pixar era, creating fresh opportunities for everybody else, including the animation community in India.

Pixaris no longer the scruffy, fun-loving studio it was a lifetime ago, back in 1995 when “Toy Story” was released.


Stereoscopy, or stereoscopic imagery, uses the characteristics of human binocular vision to create the illusion of depth, making objects appear to be in front of or behind the cinema screen.

The Business Cases
It is clear that S3D productions have a strong
potential to generate revenue and invigorate the box